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WANTED:   extremely motivated men & women who want to get super strong, lean & athletic in the most efficient and effective way possible! 



Tuesday/Thursday 6 pm

barbells.kettlebells.dumbells.battle ropes.metabolic conditioning.strength training.mobility drills.come get it all in 55 minutes with an inspiring group of peeps who like to do it right! no experience necessary. everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.  safe, smart & progressive programming by Certified AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor and BCRPA Personal Trainer Genny Chippendale.  interested in Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons but want to see what the Kettlebell is all about first?  join us here first!!

November 12th – December 5th
members:  8 sessions/$99
non-members:  8 sessions/$119

contact Genny @ 250-308-6007 or or facebook or call Fitness Maxx @ 250-558-0319

this season gets SO busy – make this commitment to your physical & mental health & stay on track this holiday season – 55 minutes is all it takes if you’re doing it right! 😉 

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Hey everybody!  Summer is in full swing and so are we! Here’s is what is happening this week:

Monday 8:50-9:50 am OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP @ Lakeshore Road Beach $10 drop in
Monday 12-1 pm INDOOR KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP @ Fitness Maxx $15 drop in
Tuesday 7-8 pm OUTDOOR ADVANCED KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP @ Kin Beach $15 drop in
Wednesday 12-1 pm INDOOR KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP @ Fitness Maxx $15 drop in
Thursday 8:50-9:50 am OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP @ Lakeshore Road Beach $10 drop in
Thursday 7-8 pm OUTDOOR ADVANCED KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP @ Kin Beach $15 drop in
***all bootcamps are suitable for all levels but for the OUTDOOR ADVANCED KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP some Kettlebell experience is recommended but not mandatory!  (the INDOOR KETTLBELL BOOTCAMP is a great way to gain that experience!  🙂
for more info, contact me at:
250.308.6007 text or call
iron heart personal training is on facebook, message me!




*Every Monday & Thursday morning, 8:50 am, all summer long!

No better way to start the day!  Fresh air, blue skies, sunshine, great company…and an intense one-hour full body workout!  Build muscle, burn bodyfat, increase your cardio endurance and improve your mobility and flexibility in a beautiful outdoor setting…

Taking your basic bootcamp to the next level, this class will include a dynamic warm-up, mobility drills, combinations of HIIT/interval training, circuits, metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, strength training, kettlebells, sled work, trx, body weight exercises, speed training, agility drills, core work, flexibility training and more that will motivate and inspire you to push past your limits…Effective, efficient and interesting programming,  we will never do the same workout twice!

For all fitness levels, you will be carefully and safely coached with appropriate modifications/progressions to ensure each participant has a challenging and effective session.

$10 per session

Location TBA.  Like IRON HEART PERSONAL TRAINING on facebook to stay up to date with the most current information!

We will be utilizing the amazing outdoor amenities that Vernon has to offer.  Parks, beaches, trails, etc, let’s make the most of this gorgeous place we are lucky enough to call home!

Any questions, text/call 250.308.6007 or email or join us at Iron Heart Personal Training on facebook

Share this page & invite friends, co-ed, everyone is welcome!