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PLEASE take a listen :::  this is important for many reasons:
#1, remember that not everything you read on facebook is true factual information, crazy I know!  ;).  Let’s always remember to keep our critical thinking caps on!  Remember that people write articles to get views/hits/reads, sometimes at any cost, because the more controversial and shocking a story, the more popular it is.  Picking and choosing “facts” then making up a great, sensational, controversial story happens ALL THE TIME, so they weren’t wrong to do this, but we as a readership are wrong to take ANYTHING we read as face value fact
#2, as always, it comes down to common sense and moderation – we live in the SUNNY Okanagan! Our climate is different, our latitude is different, our UV rating is different than where that particular study took place – it CANNOT reasonably be applied to everybody, only to a small pocket of the population.
#3, not one way is right for all.  We have to make choices that WE personally feel comfortable with and can live with the consequences of in the future.  xo  Those who know me well can imagine that this is a topic extremely close to my heart so I urge you to do what YOU think is right because if/when something happens in your future or the future of your kids, you need to know that you did everything you could, everything YOU thought was best, because guilt/regret will eat away at you and that is nooo way to live.
I think that the Dr in this interview sums it up perfectly, so please listen and then let’s share THIS as many times as THAT article has been

Here is a link to original article:

Read it again, but this time really read it thoroughly and critically.
***disclaimer:  I think UV damage is bad.  I think really bad sunburns must be avoided.  But, yes, I am leary of sunscreen and am afraid that it is bad too.  I think you have find a common sense balance right in the middle!  For me?  Stay out of the sun when it’s at it’s peak.  Get some sun ’till you feel like you are getting too much, then seek shade.   Sunscreen if you can’t avoid the sun, if you absolutely cannot get away from it.  And, remember that melanoma is a systemic cancer just like any other. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how healthy you are, it can still affect you.  And, it probably has more to do with genetics than science really fully understands just yet.  Do your best.  Keep yourself healthy and strong with good nutrition choices and lots of great sweaty, strength building exercise.  Make choices that will leave you with no regrets.   But that is my approach.  I can live with it.  You make your yours.  End of disclaimer 😉  xo