Train with me at my gym, Iron Heart Gym!

Personal Training
Effective – Efficient – Sustainable.  This is how we do it.  My goal is to make you “that person” at the gym – the one whose confidence is obvious, their technique is perfect, their programing is exciting and new and interesting and their intensity is red hot, as is their physique.   Why is this so important?  Because the power that comes from “getting it right” in the gym seeps into every single part of our life – it starts with mastering your mind and body…then everything else you could ever dream of becomes possible.

Introductory Package –  3 Personal Training Sessions, Starter Nutritional Support – $199.00
Get started here.  After our initial in person, phone or email Consultation, we will have 3 private 1 hour sessions either in your home, workplace or gym.  Included with your training program is a starter “mini” nutrition evaluation & guidance that will set you up for success.

6 Session Package –  6 Personal Training Sessions, Full Nutritional Support Package – $389.00

10 Session Package – 10 Personal Training Sessions, Full Nutritional Support Package – $599

One hour Personal Training Session – $69
Single session option only available after purchasing the Introductory Package

One hour Partner Personal Training Session – $35/person
Everything’s better with a friend!  You both receive an individual plan customized to your needs but the programs will be woven together so you can workout with your buddy/partner.  Great for friends, husbands and wives, Mom’s and daughters!

Small Group Training (4-6 people) – $25/person
The the same quality and care that you expect from a 1 on 1…but you get to do it with your friends/co-workers which increases the fun factor and support level!

Bootcamp – (4-15 people) – price varies depending on number of participants, ranging from $12-$15/person
Great for teams or groups of friends!  Come for your one hour session and let me make the plan and bring the tools!  Outdoor, indoor, your place or at the gym, this is an fantastic and flexible way to get your fitness goals accomplished and have SO MUCH FUN doing it!

Nutritional Support Consultation & Plan – $189
Simply handing out meal plans doesn’t work.  We’re going to do this differently…because… “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”, right?  During your 60 minute session, together we evaluate where you are and where you want to go and then step by step, I will guide and navigate the in-between, with gradual habit building strategies and nutritional knowledge and provide ongoing support until you reach your goals.  We will meet every two weeks for 8 weeks to make sure you’re getting some serious accountability and support and so we can do the happy dance together as you drop lbs and lose inches for good!!! This plan works not just for now but for the rest of your life and I’m just thrilled to help implement it into the lives’ of my clients!

Kitchen overhauls, grocery shopping trips, family plans and weekly or monthly check-in’s are available as well at the rate of $65/hour with support available anytime in between.

Package of 12 Personal Training Sessions & Starter Nutritional Support – $750
We all know buying in bulk saves you $!  Let’s set this up how you like – three sessions a week or once a week or for the more advanced client, once a month for a fresh program – whatever works best for you.  The full Nutritional Support Package is included.

Call/text/facebook/email me for more information or to set this up today!
Genny Chippendale
Iron Heart Personal Training
*Prices do not include tax.
*Gym membership/passes are not included in the price.

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