Iron Heart Personal Training specializes in a hybrid system of fitness, one that fuses functional strength with traditional bodybuilding asthetics.  Pair that with purposeful metabolic conditioning and nourishing food-for-fuel eating patterns, and what you get is a body that not only looks great, but FEELS amazing –
strong, energetic, pain free, healthy.
No more old school hours and hours of body abusing cardio, no more eating like a bird.  I do things differently, based on science and research and a deep understanding of what really works in REAL life.
Effective, efficient and sustainable programs that will literally, change your life.
Let’s talk!  250-308-6007 call/text or facebook/pm me anytime at Iron Heart Personal Training https://www.facebook.com/IronHeartPersonalTraining or email ironheartpersonaltraining@gmail.com
Genny Chippendale
IronHeart Personal Training
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor
  1. Genny, I would like to sign up for your Kettlebell w/s Jan 18/14 @10:15a.
    I’m a newbie…and I need to be able to use my arms the next week!
    Let me know what to wear, best way to prepare. Thank you.
    Catherine Christensen

    • Hi Catherine!
      I’m so glad you are coming! That’s great! So what to wear, well, if you have a choice between running shoes or a lower profile cross training shoe, choose the lower profile but that is totally not a big deal if you only have runners. Typical gym stuff, whatever is most comfy for you, shorts or tights, tank or a t, bring a layer to put on at the end. As for how to prepare, well make sure you have a good breakfast & lots of water in the morning and have a good solid snack 1 hour before the workshop starts. But don’t be scared, lol, it’s meant for beginners and I won’t hurt you, lol! Yes, Kettlebell training is intense – but it’s only as intense as YOU make it – everyone gets to choose their own size bell and you go at your own pace and listen to your body. We’ll spend a LOT of time stretching and doing some joint mobility moves so it won’t be 1.5 hours of workout! You will have some soreness, but it’ll be more in the hamstrings/glutes, arms “should” be okay 😉 I look forward to seeing you there! Come a teeny bit early to sign in and get settled and I’ll meet you upstairs in the fitness room! The front desk gal will show you where to go! 

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