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Serious Strength Bootcamp:   swing, slam, push, pull, drag, jump, lift, stretch & smile your way to being a lean, mean, powerful machine 😉 Do things you never imagined being able to do, improve your sport performance, find those limits and push past them and amaze yourself at who you can become.

*No experience required, adaptable for all fitness levels from elite athlete to first time-in-a-long-time-er, this warm and welcoming group is awesome.

When: Tuesday & Thursday 6 pm at Fitness Maxx, no membership required, this is for everyone and is not gym exclusive 🙂 Drop in $15 or buy a 10 time punch pass for $120

Questions: call or text Genny 250-308-6007, email or find me on Facebook and send me a message 🙂


230“The fundamental RKC Hardstyle Swing so closely mirrors the muscular activation patterns of the golf swing it is almost scary. Both are full body multi-joint movements that move a relatively light object to a pre stretch loaded position, then the object is smoothly accelerated using a very powerful hip drive, creating tremendous ballistic force, the object reaches an impact point where all the forces are concentrated, then the object is eccentrically brought back to rest.  The kettlebell swing and the golf swing are two of the most explosive movements in all of sport. Both movements use the tension/relaxation performance cycle to create maximal power. Strength and speed make up a powerful kettlebell swing as well as a powerful golf swing.” – Corey Howard

This is a great article that clearly explains why golfers MUST be giving Kettlebell Training a go!  Read on, then call me 🙂   Let’s make this upcoming season your best yet!


mobility  *  endurance *  strength  * power

Looking for an efficient way to get lean, powerful, strong, flexible, focused & stronger than you thought was even possible?  Then you need to be introduced to Kettlebell Training!

Becoming fast known as one the best ways to burn fat, build lean muscle, increase flexibility and sharpen your focus in a very short amount of time, Kettlebell Training is increasing in popularity for very good reason!

Elite special forces, Firefighters, Police, etc, as well as top athletes, from MMA fighters to golfers to NFL football players are all using Kettlebell Training – they want to see results, fast, and they do – and you can too!

Agatsu-ImageI love Kettlebell Training, use it myself extensively, teach Kettlebell Lessons, use it in client programs and in my classes and bootcamps, because it’s fun, extremely effective and doesn’t feel like you’re exercising – it feels like a sport – and once you’re hooked, you want MORE!  I am a Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Trainer as well as being a BCRPA Trainer, all programming I design is safe and effective for all fitness levels.  One of my favorite things about the Kettlebell is that every participant can go at their own pace – with a ‘bell that is just right for them, so everyone can get a great workout at their fitness and comfort level.

At this workshop, we will learn to properly swing, as well as learn and perfect some basic accessory exercises that will support and improve your swing, like squatting, hip hinging, etc as well as go through some great drills to work on our joint mobility and flexibility.

Whether you are an experienced Kettlebell-er who wants to perfect your swing or have never even touched a Kettlebell before, you will  gain something from this 1.5 hour workshop!

When?:  Saturday January 18th 10:15 a.m.

Where?:  Fitness Maxx, 5400 24th Street (right beside the New Talking Donkey Coffeehouse & Salvation Army, across from Norval & Roster’s)
call  250-558-0319

How much?:  only $10!!!  🙂

Pre-registration is a must, contact Genny text/call 250-308-6007 or email or call Fitness Maxx front desk 250-558-0319

For all fitness levels, no experience necessary & you don’t have to be a member of Fitness Maxx, this workshop is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about Kettlebell Training! 🙂

Genny Chippendale, Iron Heart Personal Training
AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor, BCRPA Personal Trainer


Happy New Year everybody!!!


I am SO excited to get 2014 ON!!!!  This is going to be an amazing year, I can feel it, I can see it, so many great people around me doing fantastic things, and I cannot wait to support and watch you all meet, exceed and create new and bigger goals for yourself in health, fitness, business & education.  Go go goooo!!!!! Let’s do this!!

So here’s what it happening in my world (and hopefully yours, haha! 🙂  this New Year:

Serious Strength Bootcamp:  swing, slam, push, pull, drag, jump, lift, stretch & smile your way to being a lean, mean, powerful machine 😉   Do things you never imagined being able to do, improve your sport performance, find those limits and push past them and amaze yourself at who you can become.  *No experience required, adaptable for all fitness levels from elite athlete to first time-in-a-long-time-er, this warm and welcoming group is awesome.

When:  Tuesday & Thursday 6 pm at Fitness Maxx, starting January 2nd, everyone is welcome, this is not gym exclusive, this is for everyone 🙂  Drop in $15 or buy a 10 time punch pass for $120
***once the warm weather returns I WILL be having IRON HEART OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP and IRON HEART KETTLEBELL ON THE BEACH BOOTCAMP once again, so get in here and get hooked on the Kettlebell like us before that happens!  I LOVE our winter home at Fitness Maxx, come for bootcamp, enjoy the sauna or stay for yoga after, but nothing beats being out in the great outdoors, right?!  Come late Spring, we’ll have both indoor and outdoor to enjoy!!  Yay!!

Kettlebell Workshop Wondering what the deal is about this Kettlebell?  Why is it so great???!  What can it do for you?  Come and find out! I’m holding a 1.5 hour workshop that is open to the public, everyone is welcome, no previous experience is necessary and it’s totally safe for all fitness levels, even those with back/shoulder/neck issues – it’s low impact, functional strength training that works for everyone.  In this workshop, you will learn how to swing and learn some basic accessory moves that will show you exactly why this Kettlebell business is so awesome and why you NEED more Kettlebell in your life!!!  Interested in taking the Swing Fix lessons but not sure if it is for you?  Come do this first!

When:  Saturday January 18th 10:15 am at Fitness Maxx, $10 – open to the public – everyone is welcome 🙂

Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons:  The ONLY Kettlebell trainer in town offering lessons, I am a certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor AND I am an avid Kettlebell-er!  You are in good hands with me, come and learn how to do it right!   In four weeks, we learn the basics of Kettlebell Sport – the Swing, the Press and all the variations, the Snatch, the Windmill, the Turkish Get-Up and so, so much more.  Kettlebell-ing has so many benefits that I’ll run out of space trying to explain it all, it’s AMAZING.  Seriously.  Want to get incredible endurance, learn how to generate power from your core/hips, gain massive strength, speed, stamina, conditioning, flexibility, mobility, focus & have fun doing it?  In a very short amount of time????  Then you have to try this!

When:  Tuesday & Thursday 7 pm at Fitness Maxx, starting January 21 st.  Reserve your spot as soon as you can, because these lessons fill up fast as space is limited to 6 participants, so you get the benefits, care and attention of working with a personal trainer, but for a fraction of the price.  $199/8 sessions

Vernon Kettlebell Club:  I’m really excited to announce the conception of Vernon Kettlebell Club!  We’ll meet once a week for a kick*ss Kettlebell ONLY  workout and every week we will feature a Kettlebell skill to work on, learn variations, adaptations and progressions.  You will deepen your kettlebell love, know-how and skills every week with a group of like-minded folks who love it as much as you do 🙂  This club is for advanced Kettlebell-ers only, you must have had one on one training with me OR completed the Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons OR can prove proficiency in the basic Kettlebell skills to join!  Interested in Kettlebell competition?  Let’s train together!

When:  Saturday 10:15 am at Fitness Maxx, starting February 1st, $15 drop in or $120/10 time punch pass

Group Fitness Classes atFitness Maxx that are free for Fitness Maxx members or non-members can pay a drop in ( or get yourself a punch pass as it’s a better deal)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:10-12:55 pm Strong Fit Fast.  Get really Strong, really Fit and really Fast in a hurry!  45 minutes is all it takes if you’re doing it right!  Strength training, conditioning, stretching, feeling awesome, it’s a great class!!  Get it DONE mid day so your evenings are free!
Saturday 9-10 am Power Up/Barbell Basics.  Basic barbell weight lifting class…that feels ANYTHING but basic, lol!  Love this class, it’s for all levels to enjoy, from grandmothers to young men, everyone gets a great workout and leaves feeling happy and ready to rock the weekend!

I also am personal training , mainly out of Fitness Maxx (my time slots are totally full right now, so if you want to train with me, please let me know and I’ll add you to my wait list), which is an awesome facility!  Love the light, the space, the people, the tools, I can’t say enough good things!  Check them out

Like IRON HEART PERSONAL TRAINING on facebook to keep up to date with what is happening!

Text/call 250-308-6007 or email  for more details or to confirm your spot!

Now let’s go out and begin this wonderful exciting New Year, fresh start, so full of opportunity!!  xoxo   Genny