Day 48 of the 365 Day Salad Project…Super Food Greens at Crush Bistro

Posted: June 7, 2013 in 365 Day Salad Project, Recipes

2013-06-02 08_53_22


I’m on a roll here!  This girl never goes out then two dinners out in a row, woohoo!  This nourishing and satisfying salad was had at Crush Bistro, it was a Super Food Greens
Garden Kale, Rainbow Chard, Spinach w/ Avocado, Orange, Almonds,
Happy Days Farm Goat Cheese, ‘Rancho Vignola’ Goji Berries w/ Wild Smoked Salmon.  Also had some mussels, some warmed olives and Summerhill Cipes Brut, yum!!!

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