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Oh yeah, it gets worse….at the Zoo…ordered a “Chicken Salad”…out came a breaded deep fried chicken breast slices on top of a caesar salad…so my husband wound up eating two lunches, while I went back and ordered a garden salad and a hamburger, minus the bun.  Actually, pretty satisfying.  But maybe I was just really desperate at this point, after surviving on scoops of peanut butter, beef jerky, and kettle corn for 24 hours.  ;/



Ohhhhh my…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…so eating out is tough for those who are careful about what they consume….and travelling compounds this difficult situation….took the kiddies on a surprise quick trip to Vancouver on friday, so Wendy’s it was for dinner…I ordered a side salad (because I can’t spend $10 on a salad, just can’t, lol!) and a chili….and was so unsatisfied that I wound up eating basically an entire BAG of Heavy D’s kettle corn throughout the next couple of hours on the drive….uhhgggghhhhh….sigh….