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early morning bootcamp Early Bird 6 AM Wednesday & Friday Bootcamp starts Wed Aug 24th! 

Hey guys!!!  Another round of early bird 6 am Bootcamp starts Wednesday August 24th!  Join us!!! 
THIS is the time to get your groove back on, shake summer off and get ready for the coming “New Year” in September!!! Consider this your jump start!! 
Commit to 4 weeks.  2 sessions per week. 55 min classes.  Awesome people.  The BEST workouts.  Serious LONG lasting results. Your glutes, core, conditioning, entire body will be worked and thankful you did this!! 
So do it NOW, this is the best time to start back at ‘er!  Contact me, Genny, asap because there are a limited amount of spaces available and they fill up fast.  🙂  250-308-6007

Iron Heart Gym members:  $99 + 5% tax

Non-members:  $119 + 5% tax

Great for first timers and long timers!  Feeling stuck?  Not sure what to do at the gym?  Wanting to learn what is best or looking for a way to bust through a plateau??  THIS will do it!  No membership required.   Non-intimidating, welcoming vibe.  Get in here already!! 

Iron Heart Gym STARTED as Iron Heart Personal Training & Bootcamps!  We were the first in Vernon to offer Kettlebell Training and Outdoor Kettlebell Bootcamp on the Beach and we still have lots of  Bootcamp options for you!

We’ve moved our Bootcamps to indoors only at the moment so you never have to slog through yucky tempermental too hot or too wet weather – we have a 2000 square foot Bootcamp space (part of our  awesome 11, 000 facility!!), a bazillion kettlebells and weights and trx and sled track and soooo much more functional fitness tools to use.  Full changerooms, washrooms, showers, childminding & a smoothie bar for after, we’ve got everything you need here.

My Bootcamp focus is strength building, fat loss conditioning, mobility/flexibility and core strength done in the safest, most effective way possible…..and for sure my classes are famous and loved for building serious glute and core strength, we know how to it right around here!!!

No willy nilly stuff, just hard good effective workouts that leave you stronger, leaner, stretchier and super fit 😀 

Kettlebells, weights, bodyweight, trx suspension training, battle ropes, bands, sled pushes, HIIT intervals, circuits, sandbags, we do it Allllllll in our beautiful facility here at Iron Heart Gym!!!!!

5400 24th Ave – Iron Heart Gym

Central location, Free Parking, Childminding, Showers, Smoothies, fantastic workouts and awesome people ~ come join us and become part of a community of folks who are seeing  serious results, feeling healthy and strong inside and out, getting crazy fit and happy!!!!  😀

Starting Monday August 22nd @ 10 am…Iron Heart Personal Training and Iron Heart Gym brings you…


Oh yes.  😀  😀 😀

Whether your glute goals are athletic or aesthetic, this 4 week Small Group Training program will give you the results you’ve been wanting!!  I’ve developed hundreds of glute-specific training programs for athletes, runners and those who just want to rock their bikini bottoms and shortie shorts with confidence.  Through working with these clients using the latest science-backed training protocols and seeing what truly WORKS, I’ve developed a program that delivers serious results! No silly 30 day squat challenge will do the trick,  you need MORE and I’ve got it ready for ya! 😀

This Small Group Training is a space-limited class, designed to give you the attention and specific instruction of personal training experience but at a fraction of the price!  Plus it’s more fun in a group!!!  Accountability, camaraderie and yes, misery looooves company!!!  The workouts will target your backside and core and have a strong finish of conditioning/cardio  to get you sweaty and thoroughly worked.  Perfect for ALL fitness levels!!!   No weightlifting or kettlebell experience necessary, you will learn it ALL right here.   We’ll be using weights, kettlebells, bands, trx, etc etc etc, I’ve got a tonne of tools in my toolbox and we’ll be learning it all!

Strong glutes not only LOOK great, but they are what keep your back healthy and strong and give you that explosive power and strength when you’re running and playing sports – give yourself 4 weeks to build a tighter, stronger, well developed backside and a healthy bullet-proof back – and oh yeah, look freakin amazeballs on the beach…yah, that too….;)

Space is limited and my bootcamps and small group trainings fill up fast so please contact me right away if you’d like a spot in this exclusive program!

what:    glutecamp small group personal training
by Genny Chippendale of Iron Heart Personal Training

where:    Iron Heart Gym

when:   Monday’s @ 10 am

starting Monday August 22nd @10 am

investment:   4 weeks, 4 sessions, 1 hour session

Iron Heart Gym Members $49

non-Iron Heart Gym Members $59

+ 5% tax

for more info:   contact Genny @250-308-6007 or

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