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Just me for dinner tonight, so something quick ‘n easy, coleslaw + dried cranberries + pumpkin seeds + green onion + Italian canned tuna (SO GOOD, packed in olive oil, salty, delicious, costs 3 X’s as much as typical tuna but so worth it)

2013-05-17 20_31_49


Grilled Veggies & Prawns on Broccoli Slaw & Spinach….Finally got a new bbq!!!!  Yeah!  We’ve been having summer weather for a couple months now and without a bbq, it just felt wrong cooking inside every night, heating up the house.  So I’m happy to take things outside for a while!
This salad was a bit of odd combo, but the guys had bbq’d italian sausages on a bun, with grilled peppers and onions and coleslaw on the side…so I grilled myself some prawns and put it all together atop baby spinach…so good!  The best bite was a combo of the sweet smokey onion, zingy slaw and a garlicky herby (homegrown parsley! so potent and green!) prawn 🙂