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UPDATE:  2 spots left as of jan 4/16

Happy New Year’s!!!!  I ***LOVE*** this time of year!!! I’m a sucker for a fresh start, a clean slate, and brand new sparkling year full of possibility, makes me feel alive!  And I especially love tapping into the collective energy of everybody around me who is so ON the same page 😀  So wattayasay we get this 2016 off to a kick*ss start??!!!

Join me at 6 am Monday and Wednesday for my Iron Heart Bootcamp!  Kettlebells, weights, bodyweight, trx suspension training, battle ropes, sled pushes, HIIT intervals, circuits, sandbags, we do it Allllllll in our beautiful facility here at Iron Heart Gym!!!!!


These bootcamps are pre-registered only ’cause they fill up fast!!!  So sign yourself up and commit to getting stronger, fitter, faster, leaner, healthier and most importantly HAPPIER than ever before!!!




No previous Kettlebell or strength training experience necessary

No gym membership necessary


Starting:   Monday January 11th

What:  Iron Heart Bootcamp

When:  Monday & Wednesday 6-7 am for 6 weeks

Where:  Iron Heart Gym 5400 24th Street Vernon BC

Why:  because it’s awesome, effective, efficient, challenging and your health and body is sooo worth it 😉

How:  you can.  Even at 6 am.  Promise, it’s not that bad once you’re up!! 😉

Who:  everybody.  co-ed.  Iron  Heart Members or not, all are welcome!

Perks:  use of our beautiful amenities afterwards is included! Shower up, get ready for work and pick up an organic Cherry Hill coffee or healthy smoothie( or a coffee smoothie!!) after bootcamp and then head off to your day ready to rock n roll!!!


6 weeks/12 sessions –

$139 + tax | member’s price

$159 + tax | non-member’s price


Limited Space available, contact Genny at 250-308-6007 ASAP to secure your spot! 

Nutritional Support, one on one training & special membership deals are available for my Bootcamp crew, chat with me for more details!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Looking for an evening bootcamp?  Join me Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 6 pm at Iron Heart Gym! Drop in’s are welcome for the evening sessions!