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Looking for some Iron Heart Personal Training Bootcamp, Glutecamp or class information?

Check out the Iron Heart Gym schedule at

I’m running Glutecamp ….
Monday’s @ 10 am April 9, 16, 23 & 30th PLUS two Friday’s, April 13 & 27th

Iron Heart Gym member price $49/4 sessions or $73.50/6 sessions

Non member price $59/4 sessions or $88.50/6 sessions

Pre-register and save OR drop in for $15!


Bootcamp happens…

Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm

$15 drop in or buy a punch pass for $120/10 sessions


I also lead many on schedule classes that are totally FREE for Iron Heart Gym members and non member drop in’s are welcome anytime!!  Check out the gym schedule at

Our monthly gym memberships are only $49/month, it’s a killer deal for the value you get and it’s a super friendly, clean and awesome gym, join us!!  Whether you want just glutecamp or bootcamp or a membership or all of the above, let’s do it!!  😀

For more details find me on Facebook or send me an email at or text 250-308-6007




UPDATE:  2 spots left as of jan 4/16

Happy New Year’s!!!!  I ***LOVE*** this time of year!!! I’m a sucker for a fresh start, a clean slate, and brand new sparkling year full of possibility, makes me feel alive!  And I especially love tapping into the collective energy of everybody around me who is so ON the same page 😀  So wattayasay we get this 2016 off to a kick*ss start??!!!

Join me at 6 am Monday and Wednesday for my Iron Heart Bootcamp!  Kettlebells, weights, bodyweight, trx suspension training, battle ropes, sled pushes, HIIT intervals, circuits, sandbags, we do it Allllllll in our beautiful facility here at Iron Heart Gym!!!!!


These bootcamps are pre-registered only ’cause they fill up fast!!!  So sign yourself up and commit to getting stronger, fitter, faster, leaner, healthier and most importantly HAPPIER than ever before!!!




No previous Kettlebell or strength training experience necessary

No gym membership necessary


Starting:   Monday January 11th

What:  Iron Heart Bootcamp

When:  Monday & Wednesday 6-7 am for 6 weeks

Where:  Iron Heart Gym 5400 24th Street Vernon BC

Why:  because it’s awesome, effective, efficient, challenging and your health and body is sooo worth it 😉

How:  you can.  Even at 6 am.  Promise, it’s not that bad once you’re up!! 😉

Who:  everybody.  co-ed.  Iron  Heart Members or not, all are welcome!

Perks:  use of our beautiful amenities afterwards is included! Shower up, get ready for work and pick up an organic Cherry Hill coffee or healthy smoothie( or a coffee smoothie!!) after bootcamp and then head off to your day ready to rock n roll!!!


6 weeks/12 sessions –

$139 + tax | member’s price

$159 + tax | non-member’s price


Limited Space available, contact Genny at 250-308-6007 ASAP to secure your spot! 

Nutritional Support, one on one training & special membership deals are available for my Bootcamp crew, chat with me for more details!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Looking for an evening bootcamp?  Join me Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 6 pm at Iron Heart Gym! Drop in’s are welcome for the evening sessions!


Hi guys!!  Hope your summer has been a fantastic one!

Here is the current Iron Heart Bootcamp schedule:


Tuesday  ~  Iron Heart Gym 6 pm

Thursday  ~  Iron Heart Gym 6 pm 

Our Bootcamp is a perfect mix of strength training, kettlebell training & conditioning (via battle ropes, trx, wall balls, sled pushing, bodyweight, etc etc etc, we are doing it all and loving every minute of it, right??!! 😀 )!!  Challenging and intense but safe and adaptable for all levels, from super fit athletes to first time in a long time-er’s, no previous kettlebell experience is necessary and new folks are welcome to join in anytime 🙂

First time: $7.50
Drop in:  $15
Punch Pass:  $120/10x

*no pre-registration is required at this time, but please shoot me a quick text the day before or even earlier in the day of bootcamp to let me know if you are coming so I can program the workout to work best for the group:  250-308-6007

Coming mid September – Outdoor Sessions will return!!  AND early morning indoor Bootcamps shall begin!!

kb on the beach 2kb on the beach 300000000000000000000

Coming mid October – Kettlebell Lessons will return too!!!

Message me for more details! 🙂 🙂 🙂

looking for something on our “off” days?  check out and our Iron Heart Gym group fitness schedule, LOTS of great options there too to keep ya busy, sweaty & crazy fit!!!!  TRX HIIT, Spin, Kickboxing HIIT Circuit, Strong Fit Fast (my baby, unlike any other you’ll find, it’s “my” version of weights class but jacked up with TONNES of sweat and amazing results) and yoga almost every day of the week!

thank you so much guys for all your support & friendship & hard work, I appreciate you choosing to spend your time with me!




workisnotajob_tumblr_lbeyntiMlF1qahvtyo1_500  ~ Spring 2015 ~

Hi guys!  Happy alllllmost Spring to you 🙂   Ha, classic Okanagan-er, once January is over, I’m calling it Spring 🙂   I hope that your New Year has gotten off to an awesome start!!  Very thankful for all the new faces joining our Iron Heart crew these days and even more thankful for the familiar faces that return week in week out for such a long time now 🙂  Thank you to everybody, your support and energy and enthusiasm for what we are doing is contagious and fills me up, you have no idea how happy it makes me xoxoxo  Thank YOU!!!  

Here is the current schedule of where to find some Iron Heart action and when:

MONDAY – Strong Fit Fast 12:10 @ Fitness Maxx Gym

TUESDAY – Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp 12:10 and 6 pm @ Fitness Maxx Gym

WEDNESDAY – Strong Fit Fast 12:10 @ Fitness Maxx Gym

THURSDAY –  Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp 12:10 and 6 pm @ Fitness Maxx Gym

FRIDAY – Strength Circuit 9 am @ Soul Studio & then Strong Fit Fast 12:10 @ Fitness Maxx Gym

SATURDAY –  Iron Heart Kettlebell Bootcamp 10:15 @ Fitness Maxx Gym


  10356249_649971681734915_7526341337156561948_nAll classes are held at Fitness Maxx (except Friday 9 am Strength Circuit at 9 am, which is at Soul Studio).

Monday/Wed/Friday Strong Fit Fast is FREE for Fitness Maxx members, drop in rate is $11 or get yourself a punch pass for $80+tax/10x punch pass.


Tues/Thurs/Sat Kettlebell Bootcamp is an additional fee for Fitness Maxx members, everyone is welcome though,  at the same rate of $7.50 for the first timer’s, $15 drop in or $120/10x punch pass Great for all levels, from total newbies to advanced, no Kettlebell experience necessary!

Interested in a combo pass? I’m working on it!  Talk to me about it! Shoot me any questions you may have, I’d love to hear from you and see you in class or Bootcamp!!! Thanks guys!!! ~ Genny

***and YES more Kettlebell Bootcamp’s and Small Group Training sessions are being added to the schedule SOON!  Ironing out details right now 🙂

Hi guys!

sHope your holiday season is going great so far!  Busy, busy, busy of course but make sure to schedule in some time for YOU!!  You’ve got to fill up your cup so you can keep on pouring into others!!

1089a5d31ecd9cf300ffa77f4059d6d2Taking a few hours every week to just be YOU, de-stress, leave it all behind, turn off your mind and visiting with your gym/bootcamp buddies will give you such a boost.  We typically put ourselves last during this holiday season but I challenge you to NOT do that this year!

deep-fail-quote-quotes-text-Favim_com-334850Start 2015 already on a roll, becoming the healthiest, strongest, leanest, fittest happiest YOU!!  I am extremely excited for this New Year, it’s going to be a very special year, I can FEEL it!!  So go get ‘er done, see ya soon!!! xoxo  ~ Genny

Holiday Bootcamp Schedule

TUESDAY DECEMBER 16th 12:10 & 6 PM






TUESDAY DECEMBER 30th 12:10 & 6 PM



& then we are back on track running with the same schedule as always (tues/thurs 12:10 & 6 pm & sat 10:15 am) & also look for additions to the schedule coming late January!  YES Swing Fix will be back as well, so if you are interested in my Kettlebell Small Group Training sessions, please let me know asap because it fills up fast 🙂

Thanks everybody!  email or call/text with any questions 🙂 250-308-6007


:::: this SATURDAY April 12th 10:30 AM ::::
Come get your Kettlebell fix!
@Fitness Maxx, drop in’s welcome, open to everyone, guys/girls, member’s of Fitness Maxx or non-members, everyone can join in Beginner’s to advanced, everyone gets a GREAT workout….:) 
  We’re on this weekend, then off for the Easter Long Weekend and then…..the next weekend, Saturday April 26th, we’re heading outside!!! Location TBA! It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN, details soon! xox


Screen-Shot-2013-04-08-at-1.28.10-PM-copyIt’s coming!!!!!  Summer 2014!!!

Hard to believe, but this winter won’t last forever, and it will get very hot, and we will want to trade our jeans and boots and sweaters for shorts, tanks and yes, bathing suits – but are you like me and have lived a life where you both long for AND kind of dread summer??  For so many years, I thought, this summer will be different, I’ll get really fit and be ready and I never, ever did it.  I didn’t set a goal, I didn’t make a plan, I didn’t follow through and I was left mildly disappointed and HOT.   I wore capri’s and sweltered.  I have friends who wore big tee’s and long sleeve shirts in 40 degree weather and we told ourselves, nah, we’re fine.  Not too hot at all.  :/  (Not at all true)…


Well, enough is enough!  This is it for me – I’m 34 years old and I will NOT go another summer not wearing shorts with total confidence.  I will be comfortable in tank top.  And I forsureforsureforsure will be excited to chase my boys around at the beach in a bathing suit – life is too damn short to be uncomfortable in your own skin!!!!   We need to take advantage of this amazing body we’ve been given and enjoy it, to make the most of it and not have any regrets.   A funny thing happens when you are in a good place with your body.  You completely stop thinking about it.  It’s freeing.  Imagine getting dressed without having to try 95 different things on.  Going and doing all sorts of things and not thinking once how you look doing it.  Figuring out that sweet spot of just enough exercise and as much food as possible to maintain your favorite weight, then putting it on autopilot and never having to think about it any longer.  There is a massive part of our brains that are filled with unnecessary cluttering negative thoughts that can be cleared out, ready for more important thoughts and feelings.  Inspired ideas.  Content feelings.  Happiness.  And no, not because you’ve hit xyz pounds.  Because you set a goal for yourself that you value the importance of, and you follow through and get “there”.

If you know me, you know I’m always putting STRENGTH first as my goal and the goal of my clients BUT there is a time and place to focus on yes, shedding some weight and paying close attention to fat loss too.  If you’re already on a good strength building program that is peppered with some intense metabolic conditioning, great, that is awesome, KEEP GOING but if you want to see some dramatic changes to your physique by the time summer hits, and take things up a notch…

you are going to have to support your exercise efforts by tightening up your nutrition.

This does not mean eating a 1000 cal diet day in day out and O.D.-ing on egg whites or going zero carbs – we have three months.  We can do this in a reasonable, sustainable way – but we have to start NOW.

Don’t make the classic mistake of killing it in the gym but then letting yourself down the other 23 hours of the day by not supporting yourself nutritionally!!!


So make a plan.  Today.  It’s February 25th.  Summer WILL be upon us in 3 months time.  That is going to be here in a heartbeat, so go go go!!  If you’re looking for a call to action, THIS is it!!!

Join a bootcamp, see a trainer, get a program created specifically for you or do some research on your own, round up some gym or exercise partners that won’t let you down and get going!  If you’re injured, your trainer can work around that.  If you can only work out at home, you can work around that.   If you don’t have time, you can make it.  If you’re unmotivated, unsure or don’t have any idea where to start, seek out some help!!  There are no excuses that outweigh your longing for a different life – if you want it, you can do it.  And if you look at this in the big picture – you need to do this.  Don’t waste one more minute of your life being unhappy with where you are.  You are totally capable of changing things around and it can happen in a very short amount of time if you are committed and disciplined to your plan.  You just have to start!

Need help?  Contact me or someone you trust – make sure what you’re doing is right for your body, your lifestyle and your goals.

And I’ll look forward to seeing you on the beach this summer, wahhhooooeeeyyyy!!!!  😀