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UPDATE:  2 spots left as of jan 4/16

Happy New Year’s!!!!  I ***LOVE*** this time of year!!! I’m a sucker for a fresh start, a clean slate, and brand new sparkling year full of possibility, makes me feel alive!  And I especially love tapping into the collective energy of everybody around me who is so ON the same page 😀  So wattayasay we get this 2016 off to a kick*ss start??!!!

Join me at 6 am Monday and Wednesday for my Iron Heart Bootcamp!  Kettlebells, weights, bodyweight, trx suspension training, battle ropes, sled pushes, HIIT intervals, circuits, sandbags, we do it Allllllll in our beautiful facility here at Iron Heart Gym!!!!!


These bootcamps are pre-registered only ’cause they fill up fast!!!  So sign yourself up and commit to getting stronger, fitter, faster, leaner, healthier and most importantly HAPPIER than ever before!!!




No previous Kettlebell or strength training experience necessary

No gym membership necessary


Starting:   Monday January 11th

What:  Iron Heart Bootcamp

When:  Monday & Wednesday 6-7 am for 6 weeks

Where:  Iron Heart Gym 5400 24th Street Vernon BC

Why:  because it’s awesome, effective, efficient, challenging and your health and body is sooo worth it 😉

How:  you can.  Even at 6 am.  Promise, it’s not that bad once you’re up!! 😉

Who:  everybody.  co-ed.  Iron  Heart Members or not, all are welcome!

Perks:  use of our beautiful amenities afterwards is included! Shower up, get ready for work and pick up an organic Cherry Hill coffee or healthy smoothie( or a coffee smoothie!!) after bootcamp and then head off to your day ready to rock n roll!!!


6 weeks/12 sessions –

$139 + tax | member’s price

$159 + tax | non-member’s price


Limited Space available, contact Genny at 250-308-6007 ASAP to secure your spot! 

Nutritional Support, one on one training & special membership deals are available for my Bootcamp crew, chat with me for more details!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Looking for an evening bootcamp?  Join me Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 6 pm at Iron Heart Gym! Drop in’s are welcome for the evening sessions!


Hi guys!!  Hope your summer has been a fantastic one!  As we cruise into fall, a few changes to our schedule during this busy time….Here is the current Iron Heart Bootcamp schedule:


Tuesday  ~  Iron Heart Gym 6 pm

Thursday  ~  Iron Heart Gym 6 pm 

Our Bootcamp is a perfect mix of strength training, kettlebell training & conditioning (via battle ropes, trx, wall balls, sled pushing, bodyweight, etc etc etc, we are doing it all and loving every minute of it, right??!! 😀 )!!  Challenging and intense but safe and adaptable for all levels, from super fit athletes to first time in a long time-er’s, no previous kettlebell experience is necessary and new folks are welcome to join in anytime 🙂

First time: $7.50
Drop in:  $15
Punch Pass:  $120/10x

*no pre-registration is required at this time, but please shoot me a quick text the day before or even earlier in the day of bootcamp to let me know if you are coming so I can program the workout to work best for the group:  250-308-6007


kb on the beach 2kb on the beach 300000000000000000000

looking for something on our “off” days?  check out and our Iron Heart Gym group fitness schedule, LOTS of great options there too to keep ya busy, sweaty & crazy fit!!!!

TRX HIIT, Spin, Kickboxing HIIT Circuit, Strong Fit Fast (my baby, unlike any other you’ll find, it’s “my” version of weights class but jacked up with TONNES of sweat and amazing results) and yoga almost every day of the week!

thank you so much guys for all your support & friendship & hard work, I appreciate you choosing to spend your time with me!


Yahooo!!!!  Monday May 4th is GO time for another fantastic season of Iron Heart Outdoor Bootcamp!!!!

This  will be our view:  kb on the beach 3  Not too shabby, hey?!  😀

Here’s the schedule we’ll be running with for the first 4 weeks or so (then adding to it):




SATURDAY 10:15 @ IRON HEART GYM (and as soon as I can swing it, har har, pun TOTALLY intended, we’ll be moving this one to Kin BEACH on the sand!!!)

Join us!  Newcomer’s always welcome, first time costs $7.50, then $15 drop in or get a punch pass for $120/10 sessions.

No pre-registration is required at this point, but I do need a heads up if you plan to come so I can create a workout that will work best for the group.  Please text or call me 250-308-6007 or email with any questions or if you want to come out and play!!!

Punch passes are good for all bootcamps, indoors and out.

See you at the park or on the beach or at Iron Heart Gym!!!

kb on the beach 2

Hey everybody, just a reminder that there is NO bootcamp this holiday Monday Sept.1st.  So sorry!!  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you Tuesday Sept 2nd at Kin Beach Park!  Remember you have two time slots to choose from, either 4:30 pm or 6 pm.  See you then!

~ Genny 250-308-6007

IMG_4969 IMG_4973 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_496110653397_814196781934982_669798679665039556_n<– OUR GYM this past summer and fall!  We’re moving inside for the winter, but don’t you worry, as soon as we can next spring, we’ll be back outside raring to go!

Hi & Welcome!

Interested in some fantastic bootcamp/small group training action with a great group of easygoing awesome folks?  Look no further!  🙂

All my bootcamps are on-going, meaning  you can join in any time!  Suitable for ALL levels of fitness, no previous kettlebell experience is necessary.  Weights, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, trx, you name it, we do it.  Every day is a different challenge and format so you’ll never get bored and never plateau!  Nutritional Support to compliment your training is also available 🙂

Drop in:  $7.50 first time, $15/session

Punch pass:  $120/10 sessions

The punch passes are good for ALL the bootcamps throughout the week, indoors, at the park and on the beach 🙂


Here is what is happening every week!



SATURDAY:  10:15 FITNESS MAXX GYM *all kettlebell session!

*our indoor home this winter is at the awesome Fitness Maxx Gym (in the North end of Vernon, near Walmart).  No gym membership is required.  Childcare may be available, please check with me or the gym for details.

*So sad, but the cooler weather and darkness has ended our OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP season but we’ll be BACK as soon as we can be in the spring!


Monday – Friday:  Iron Heart’s Indoor & Outdoor Serious Strength Kettlebell Bootcamp:

Want to get super strong, lean & athletic in the most efficient and effective way possible?  Barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, battle ropes, sled work, trx training, core work, metabolic conditioning, strength training, mobility drills…come get it all in 60 minutes with an inspiring group of folks who like to do it right!  Learn kettlebell & weightlifting skills, sweat a lot, laugh a lot, it’s a great time!!   No experience necessary, everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.  Drop in and join ANY time, these bootcamps are ongoing, all year long 🙂


Iron Heart’s Kettlebell on the Beach:

Sand + Sun + Kettlebells = one AWESOME workout!!!   An *ALL* Kettlebell session!  Toes in the sand, only a step from the water, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the very best place in town to get your Kettlebell fix!  Get really strong, really focused, really flexible, improve your balance and core strength, burn fat, build muscle & gain cardio endurance and stamina for days through Kettlebell Training!!!  No experience is necessary, everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.   You can join in at ANY time!  *Please do let me know you are coming to this session as I have a limited number of Kettlebells, so call/text me to confirm your spot

Safe, smart & progressive programming by Certified AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor, BCWA Club Coach and BCRPA Trainer Genny Chippendale.  

For more details or to let me know you are coming, please call or text me, Genny, at 250-308-6007.  No pre registration is required but I do love to have a heads up if you plan on being there so I can program the workout for the numbers and to tailor it to work perfectly for the group!  🙂

****looking to buy a kettlebell?  or a foam roller or other fitness gear?  I can hook you up!  Partnering with to bring you top quality products at super competitive prices right HERE in Vernon! call/text  250-308-6007 or email :::


Remember to like Iron Heart Personal Training on Facebook for the very most current updates!



Hey everybody!
Just a reminder that there is no noon hour Strong Fit Fast class on Friday April 18th
& no Kettlebell Club or Power Up classes on Saturday April 19th this Easter Long Weekend.
But!!!  Next week I’ll make up for it with our first OUTDOOR Kettlebell Club of the season!
Saturday April 26th @ 11:00 a.m. at Kin Beach (exact spot TBA)
Bring a friend, partner, husband, family member, etc and show them what you’ve been up to, the workout will be beginner-friendly AND I’m happy to do a
**** TWO for ONE****
for newcomer’s this day to thank you for your support! Yeah!!
However, you MUST pre-register because I only a limited # of ‘bells. Let me know asap if you’re coming!
text/call Genny 250-308-6007 or facebook message me:



So,  with this mildly springy weather we’ve been flirting with for the past week or so, I’ve started some serious spring cleaning at my place.  Plastic bins and bags are out and they’re being filled with stuff that I plan to be donating – and one spot in the house that surprised me was that drawer under the bathroom sink – you know the one that has a bazillion extra bottles of shampoo or random makeup or lotion that you’re stocking up on or saving or have been given as a gift that you know you’ll NEVER use??  Well, that got me thinking – who else has a bin full of this stuff??  I should ask my lady friends!  And then we should all put it all together and give it to some other ladies who need it!  So this leads me to an idea – this Saturday’s Vernon Kettlebell Club is being called:


Bring Some to Swing Some!!!! 

Yes, we’re going to be Kettlebellin’ for a Cause!

Instead of a drop in fee, bring a bag of new, unused toiletries, cosmetics, etc OR gently used workout gear or shoes OR clothing and come swing for free!  Let’s see how much we can gather up and then we can donate it to Vernon women who could use some nice things to make themselves look and feel good!  So bring friends, everyone is welcome!!  Gentlemen, you are welcome too, bring what you can or pay the drop in fee, all proceeds will go to charity this day 🙂

Safe for all levels, from beginner to advanced, we’ll all get a great workout and as always, have SO much fun doing it!

10:30 Saturday February 22nd at Fitness Maxx (this is open to the public, member or non-member’s are always welcome 🙂
$15 drop in/$120 10x punch pass, click here for more details about Vernon Kettlebell Club:

Pre-registration is recommended, text/call me, Genny at 250-308-6007 or stop by the front desk at Fitness Maxx and let them know you want to join us!



Serious Strength Bootcamp:   swing, slam, push, pull, drag, jump, lift, stretch & smile your way to being a lean, mean, powerful machine 😉 Do things you never imagined being able to do, improve your sport performance, find those limits and push past them and amaze yourself at who you can become.

*No experience required, adaptable for all fitness levels from elite athlete to first time-in-a-long-time-er, this warm and welcoming group is awesome.

When: Tuesday & Thursday 6 pm at Fitness Maxx, no membership required, this is for everyone and is not gym exclusive 🙂 Drop in $15 or buy a 10 time punch pass for $120

Questions: call or text Genny 250-308-6007, email or find me on Facebook and send me a message 🙂



WANTED:   extremely motivated men & women who want to get super strong, lean & athletic in the most efficient and effective way possible! 



Tuesday/Thursday 6 pm

barbells.kettlebells.dumbells.battle ropes.metabolic conditioning.strength training.mobility drills.come get it all in 55 minutes with an inspiring group of peeps who like to do it right! no experience necessary. everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.  safe, smart & progressive programming by Certified AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor and BCRPA Personal Trainer Genny Chippendale.  interested in Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons but want to see what the Kettlebell is all about first?  join us here first!!

November 12th – December 5th
members:  8 sessions/$99
non-members:  8 sessions/$119

contact Genny @ 250-308-6007 or or facebook or call Fitness Maxx @ 250-558-0319

this season gets SO busy – make this commitment to your physical & mental health & stay on track this holiday season – 55 minutes is all it takes if you’re doing it right! 😉 

jingle bells