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IMG_4969 IMG_4973 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_496110653397_814196781934982_669798679665039556_n<– OUR GYM this past summer and fall!  We’re moving inside for the winter, but don’t you worry, as soon as we can next spring, we’ll be back outside raring to go!

Hi & Welcome!

Interested in some fantastic bootcamp/small group training action with a great group of easygoing awesome folks?  Look no further!  🙂

All my bootcamps are on-going, meaning  you can join in any time!  Suitable for ALL levels of fitness, no previous kettlebell experience is necessary.  Weights, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, trx, you name it, we do it.  Every day is a different challenge and format so you’ll never get bored and never plateau!  Nutritional Support to compliment your training is also available 🙂

Drop in:  $7.50 first time, $15/session

Punch pass:  $120/10 sessions

The punch passes are good for ALL the bootcamps throughout the week, indoors, at the park and on the beach 🙂


Here is what is happening every week!



SATURDAY:  10:15 FITNESS MAXX GYM *all kettlebell session!

*our indoor home this winter is at the awesome Fitness Maxx Gym (in the North end of Vernon, near Walmart).  No gym membership is required.  Childcare may be available, please check with me or the gym for details.

*So sad, but the cooler weather and darkness has ended our OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP season but we’ll be BACK as soon as we can be in the spring!


Monday – Friday:  Iron Heart’s Indoor & Outdoor Serious Strength Kettlebell Bootcamp:

Want to get super strong, lean & athletic in the most efficient and effective way possible?  Barbells, kettlebells, dumbells, battle ropes, sled work, trx training, core work, metabolic conditioning, strength training, mobility drills…come get it all in 60 minutes with an inspiring group of folks who like to do it right!  Learn kettlebell & weightlifting skills, sweat a lot, laugh a lot, it’s a great time!!   No experience necessary, everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.  Drop in and join ANY time, these bootcamps are ongoing, all year long 🙂


Iron Heart’s Kettlebell on the Beach:

Sand + Sun + Kettlebells = one AWESOME workout!!!   An *ALL* Kettlebell session!  Toes in the sand, only a step from the water, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the very best place in town to get your Kettlebell fix!  Get really strong, really focused, really flexible, improve your balance and core strength, burn fat, build muscle & gain cardio endurance and stamina for days through Kettlebell Training!!!  No experience is necessary, everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.   You can join in at ANY time!  *Please do let me know you are coming to this session as I have a limited number of Kettlebells, so call/text me to confirm your spot

Safe, smart & progressive programming by Certified AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor, BCWA Club Coach and BCRPA Trainer Genny Chippendale.  

For more details or to let me know you are coming, please call or text me, Genny, at 250-308-6007.  No pre registration is required but I do love to have a heads up if you plan on being there so I can program the workout for the numbers and to tailor it to work perfectly for the group!  🙂

****looking to buy a kettlebell?  or a foam roller or other fitness gear?  I can hook you up!  Partnering with to bring you top quality products at super competitive prices right HERE in Vernon! call/text  250-308-6007 or email :::


Remember to like Iron Heart Personal Training on Facebook for the very most current updates!



Screen-Shot-2013-04-08-at-1.28.10-PM-copyIt’s coming!!!!!  Summer 2014!!!

Hard to believe, but this winter won’t last forever, and it will get very hot, and we will want to trade our jeans and boots and sweaters for shorts, tanks and yes, bathing suits – but are you like me and have lived a life where you both long for AND kind of dread summer??  For so many years, I thought, this summer will be different, I’ll get really fit and be ready and I never, ever did it.  I didn’t set a goal, I didn’t make a plan, I didn’t follow through and I was left mildly disappointed and HOT.   I wore capri’s and sweltered.  I have friends who wore big tee’s and long sleeve shirts in 40 degree weather and we told ourselves, nah, we’re fine.  Not too hot at all.  :/  (Not at all true)…


Well, enough is enough!  This is it for me – I’m 34 years old and I will NOT go another summer not wearing shorts with total confidence.  I will be comfortable in tank top.  And I forsureforsureforsure will be excited to chase my boys around at the beach in a bathing suit – life is too damn short to be uncomfortable in your own skin!!!!   We need to take advantage of this amazing body we’ve been given and enjoy it, to make the most of it and not have any regrets.   A funny thing happens when you are in a good place with your body.  You completely stop thinking about it.  It’s freeing.  Imagine getting dressed without having to try 95 different things on.  Going and doing all sorts of things and not thinking once how you look doing it.  Figuring out that sweet spot of just enough exercise and as much food as possible to maintain your favorite weight, then putting it on autopilot and never having to think about it any longer.  There is a massive part of our brains that are filled with unnecessary cluttering negative thoughts that can be cleared out, ready for more important thoughts and feelings.  Inspired ideas.  Content feelings.  Happiness.  And no, not because you’ve hit xyz pounds.  Because you set a goal for yourself that you value the importance of, and you follow through and get “there”.

If you know me, you know I’m always putting STRENGTH first as my goal and the goal of my clients BUT there is a time and place to focus on yes, shedding some weight and paying close attention to fat loss too.  If you’re already on a good strength building program that is peppered with some intense metabolic conditioning, great, that is awesome, KEEP GOING but if you want to see some dramatic changes to your physique by the time summer hits, and take things up a notch…

you are going to have to support your exercise efforts by tightening up your nutrition.

This does not mean eating a 1000 cal diet day in day out and O.D.-ing on egg whites or going zero carbs – we have three months.  We can do this in a reasonable, sustainable way – but we have to start NOW.

Don’t make the classic mistake of killing it in the gym but then letting yourself down the other 23 hours of the day by not supporting yourself nutritionally!!!


So make a plan.  Today.  It’s February 25th.  Summer WILL be upon us in 3 months time.  That is going to be here in a heartbeat, so go go go!!  If you’re looking for a call to action, THIS is it!!!

Join a bootcamp, see a trainer, get a program created specifically for you or do some research on your own, round up some gym or exercise partners that won’t let you down and get going!  If you’re injured, your trainer can work around that.  If you can only work out at home, you can work around that.   If you don’t have time, you can make it.  If you’re unmotivated, unsure or don’t have any idea where to start, seek out some help!!  There are no excuses that outweigh your longing for a different life – if you want it, you can do it.  And if you look at this in the big picture – you need to do this.  Don’t waste one more minute of your life being unhappy with where you are.  You are totally capable of changing things around and it can happen in a very short amount of time if you are committed and disciplined to your plan.  You just have to start!

Need help?  Contact me or someone you trust – make sure what you’re doing is right for your body, your lifestyle and your goals.

And I’ll look forward to seeing you on the beach this summer, wahhhooooeeeyyyy!!!!  😀



mobility  *  endurance *  strength  * power

Looking for an efficient way to get lean, powerful, strong, flexible, focused & stronger than you thought was even possible?  Then you need to be introduced to Kettlebell Training!

Becoming fast known as one the best ways to burn fat, build lean muscle, increase flexibility and sharpen your focus in a very short amount of time, Kettlebell Training is increasing in popularity for very good reason!

Elite special forces, Firefighters, Police, etc, as well as top athletes, from MMA fighters to golfers to NFL football players are all using Kettlebell Training – they want to see results, fast, and they do – and you can too!

Agatsu-ImageI love Kettlebell Training, use it myself extensively, teach Kettlebell Lessons, use it in client programs and in my classes and bootcamps, because it’s fun, extremely effective and doesn’t feel like you’re exercising – it feels like a sport – and once you’re hooked, you want MORE!  I am a Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Trainer as well as being a BCRPA Trainer, all programming I design is safe and effective for all fitness levels.  One of my favorite things about the Kettlebell is that every participant can go at their own pace – with a ‘bell that is just right for them, so everyone can get a great workout at their fitness and comfort level.

At this workshop, we will learn to properly swing, as well as learn and perfect some basic accessory exercises that will support and improve your swing, like squatting, hip hinging, etc as well as go through some great drills to work on our joint mobility and flexibility.

Whether you are an experienced Kettlebell-er who wants to perfect your swing or have never even touched a Kettlebell before, you will  gain something from this 1.5 hour workshop!

When?:  Saturday January 18th 10:15 a.m.

Where?:  Fitness Maxx, 5400 24th Street (right beside the New Talking Donkey Coffeehouse & Salvation Army, across from Norval & Roster’s)
call  250-558-0319

How much?:  only $10!!!  🙂

Pre-registration is a must, contact Genny text/call 250-308-6007 or email or call Fitness Maxx front desk 250-558-0319

For all fitness levels, no experience necessary & you don’t have to be a member of Fitness Maxx, this workshop is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about Kettlebell Training! 🙂

Genny Chippendale, Iron Heart Personal Training
AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor, BCRPA Personal Trainer


WANTED:   extremely motivated men & women who want to get super strong, lean & athletic in the most efficient and effective way possible! 



Tuesday/Thursday 6 pm

barbells.kettlebells.dumbells.battle ropes.metabolic conditioning.strength training.mobility drills.come get it all in 55 minutes with an inspiring group of peeps who like to do it right! no experience necessary. everyone is welcome, all fitness and skill levels.  safe, smart & progressive programming by Certified AGATSU Kettlebell Instructor and BCRPA Personal Trainer Genny Chippendale.  interested in Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons but want to see what the Kettlebell is all about first?  join us here first!!

November 12th – December 5th
members:  8 sessions/$99
non-members:  8 sessions/$119

contact Genny @ 250-308-6007 or or facebook or call Fitness Maxx @ 250-558-0319

this season gets SO busy – make this commitment to your physical & mental health & stay on track this holiday season – 55 minutes is all it takes if you’re doing it right! 😉 

jingle bells

Want to get leaner & stronger? 

Want to injury-proof your back, shoulders & knees?  

Want to improve your sports and LIFE performance? 



Swing Fix Kettlebell Lessons

*This fall, learn WHY Kettlebell training is fast becoming the go-to method for sculpting athletic, strong, balanced, functional bodies! 

*For ALL fitness & experience levels.  Each 1 hour session will consist of a combination of a total body strength & conditioning workout, kettlebell technique training & a stretch/joint mobility work.

*Learn how to safely and effectively use the Kettlebell while getting an amazing total body workout!  The classes are progressive and at the end of the 4 week session, you will have learned and perfected the basic skills of Kettlebell Sport, the Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, Windmill, Turkish Get Up and more!

NO OTHER workout can compare for efficiency, effectiveness & sustainability.

***Can’t make the class time work?  One on one or partner training is available too!  Contact me to set it up 🙂

Small Group Personal Training – max. 6 participants/class.  Expect the same quality and care that you receive from a 1 on 1 personal training session…but at a fraction of the cost
When – time/date tba
Where – Fitness Maxx, 5400 24th Street Vernon BC, 250-558-0319
How Much – Sessions will run for 4 weeks,  2x/week,  $199.

Sign up at Fitness Maxx Front Desk or contact:


Genny Chippendale, Iron Heart Personal Training
Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor & BCRPA Personal Trainer