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Updated MAY 5th, 2016:

Hey guys!

Lots of Bootcamp action happening right now, early morning & night time & glutecamp everywhere inbetween!  🙂


10384458_881510861870240_2306314568443746159_nIron Heart Bootcamp

Tuesday & Thursday @ 6 pm

Drop in’s welcome anytime, all the time!!!

FREE for first timers. $15 drop in, $120 10x Punch Pass





tight glutesIron Heart Early Bird Bootcamp

Wednesday & Friday @ 6 am, current Session Block starts May 4th

4 weeks/8 sessions :::  $99 + 5% tax Iron Heart Gym members.  $119 + 5% tax non-members.



….my newest, latest & greatest offering….:


Monday May 9th @ 10 am & Tuesday May 10th @ 12:10

4 weeks/4 sessions :::  $49 + 5% tax Iron Heart Gym members.  $59 + 5% tax non-members.





……aaaaaaand you bet!  Kettlebell on the Beach is BACK baby!!

000000000000000Kettlebell on the Beach

Saturday May 14th @ 9:30 am

Pre-registered ONLY – 3 weeks/3 sessions :::  $45 + 5% tax

Discount available for anyone who BYOB’S!!!  (bring your own ‘bell!!)

^^Our gym for the morning, oh yessss 😀



Iron Heart Gym STARTED as Iron Heart Personal Training & Bootcamps!  We were the first in Vernon to offer Kettlebell Training and Outdoor Kettlebell Bootcamp on the Beach and we still have lots of Indoor and Outdoor (coming soon!) Bootcamp options for you!

We’ve moved our Bootcamps to indoors only at the moment so you never have to slog through yucky weather – we have a 2000 square foot Bootcamp space (part of our  awesome 11, 000 facility!!), a bazillion kettlebells and weights and trx and sled track and soooo much more functional fitness tools to use.  Full changerooms, washrooms, showers, childminding & a smoothie bar for after, we’ve got everything you need here.

My Bootcamp focus is strength building, fat loss conditioning, mobility/flexibility and core strength done in the safest, most effective way possible.  No willy nilly stuff, just hard good effective workouts that leave you stronger, leaner, stretchier and super fit 😀 

Kettlebells, weights, bodyweight, trx suspension training, battle ropes, sled pushes, HIIT intervals, circuits, sandbags, we do it Allllllll in our beautiful facility here at Iron Heart Gym!!!!!

Central location, Free Parking, Childminding, Showers, Smoothies, fantastic workouts and awesome people ~ come join us and become part of a community of folks who are seeing  serious results, feeling healthy and strong inside and out, getting crazy fit and happy!!!!  😀

pork tenderloin spinach salad


strawberry season is upon us!  fresh sweet strawberries, mushrooms, white onion,  avocado  and spinach salad with oven roasted pork tenderloin, drizzled with strawberry balsamic dressing



Oh this was a gooood one!  baby greens + grilled chicken breast with homemade bbq sauce + grilled red onion, red & yellow pepper + artichoke hearts + diced tomatoes + olives + goat greek yogurt herb garlic dressing   YUM!



Too busy today to make anything overly ambitious or requiring effort tonight, so it’s baby greens…(again!) +diced tomatoes + diced cukes + avocado + red onion + chipotle salsa straight outa the jar, lol (it’s actually good, promise!) + brown rice “chips”….passed up protein in favour of having a delicious chocolate banana protein smoothie for dessert



baby greens + red peppers + cukes + mushrooms + red onion + pumpkin seeds + dried cherries + italian olive oil packed tuna + that yummy hemp heart, fresh lemon & garlic dressing!



pear + goat gouda + toasted almonds + red onion + baby greens + lemon, garlic & hemp heart dressing….oh my goodness, was not expecting much out of this salad, it’s late, not overly hungry but knew I needed to eat something…but this was REALLY good.  the dressing – just fresh lemon, hemp hearts, a clove of garlic, a drizzle of evoo, salt & pepper….it was delicious!  this salad will happen again one day soon!  with chicken    I went easy on the protein here because I’m saving myself for a little protein “ice cream” treat I’ll be whippin’ up soon



baby greens + blackberries + nectarines + goat gouda + white onion + mushrooms + chicken + goat yogurt, red wine vinegar, honey, fresh herb dressing

yam corn salad


grilled yam, corn, cherry tomato, red pepper, red onion & pumpkin seed salad in a spiced honey dijon apple cider vinegar dressing with grilled chicken



turkey veggie scramble (ground turkey, garlic, onion, green pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, thyme, salt & pepper) + green bean french fries (+LOTS of red hot, lol!)….pushing the “salad” limits again, but the guys ordered pizza tonight so I got to cook all for me and choose exactly what I and I alone wanted (whoohooo! no compromising!) and this is my fav quick easy healthy meal that feels unhealthy and treat-like 🙂  These green bean fries are awesome!  Greasy, salty and dripping in red hot….mmmmmm…..



classic coleslaw + bbq honey thyme chicken thighs + greek tomatoes (chopped tomatoes tossed in evoo, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, salt & pepper)….I LOVE coleslaw!   I make my own dressing subbing out honey for sugar and almond milk for the milk and ya know what??  My family has no idea, it tastes just as good 🙂  Win!